[SUMMARY] OT: NT/Cisco Mailing lists

From: Osama Ahmed <osamaahmed_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 09:47:48 EST
My original post is below.

Thanks to boss [boss@I-Sphere.COM]
Hendrik Visage [hvisage@is.co.za]

- cisco-nsp@puck.nether.net

- (N) Cisco admin http://www.nexial.com/cgi-bin/ciscobody
cisco@spot.colorado.edu (subscribe at cisco-request@spot.colorado.edu)

- Boss advised to look at www.egroups.com , all what I have found was
mailing lists for CISCO Certification issues. Looks like the people
interest is mainly in Certification rather than sharing real life
experience with CISCO IOS and Networking boxes...WEIRD !

Windows NT:
- (N) Windows NT Admin Lists: there are several
x http://www.sunbelt-software.com/scripts/lyris.exe?join=nt-list or
x WinNT-L: "SUBSCRIBE WINNT-L" to listserv@peach.ease.lsoft.com
x nt-mgrs@cc.gatech.edu
x mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk, body of "join chest-win95-nt Name Surname"
x Majordomo@Hunter.COM, body: subscribe nt-admin

- (N) W2K: Windows 2000 magazine
to subscribe:
choose the NT-List, use your email address that is at
the bottom of each newsletter and leave the list via
the web interface.

- (N) Windows 95


Osama Ahmed

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Subject: OT: NT/Cisco Mailing lists

Hi Gurus,

Excuse me for this off topic question. I need the URL of Windows
NT/2000/XP managers and CISCO managers mailing lists.

I have searched google but only found the software that enable you to
create a mailing list !! 

Thanks and appreciate your help.

Osama Ahmed
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