SUMMARY: Questions regarding SDS vs VXVA

From: Suhas BHIDE <>
Date: Fri Feb 08 2002 - 00:45:30 EST
VxVM supports VxFS (veritas file system) but ufs does not. Hence, you
cannot grow the fs in SDS.

One more problem I found with SDS is that,
If root is mirrored and if rootdisk goes down...

in SDS : the system panicks and comes down and reboots through alternate /
mirror disk (if configured in boot option in PROM)
in VxVM: system continues normal function (no downtime) and you can set
alert to get you mail/page and then replace the hdd

Suhas Bhide

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   I am wondering if anyone can give me some of the differences between
SDS/ODS vs VXVA.  Frm what I understand vxva allows for changes to be done
on the subdisk level which basically allows to you to work with a full disk

while ods requies everything to be done based on a pre partitioned disk.
Also, it seems vxva allows for on the fly growht/shrinking of a file system

if using vxfs.  Are there any other differences?
   Also, I was under the impression that ODS used extent-based file syetsm
while vxva used journal based file systems.  However, I read a Veritas
whitepaper that stated vxva "The VERITAS File System uses the much more
efficient extent based allocation that dramatically improves the way in
which large files are handled. Rather than linking indirect blocks of
addresses, the VERITAS File System uses extent addresses which list a
starting block address and a size. The disk blocks allocated for a file are

stored in contiguous extents starting at the starting block address, and
extending contiguously the number of blocks denoted by the size number."
which is it?  Thanks.

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