SUMMARY: VNC like remote access

From: P Sharma <>
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 22:41:40 EST
Hi Gurus,

Special thanks for Mike, Niclas, Boss, Sree, Jay &
Maxwell for there quick response help on this. 
I have been using WRQ ReflectionX for my unix servers
& satisfied with it. But I needed something for W2000
servers so I remembered VNC as I had used it before
with WNT. I will like to try these:

There is a semicommercial version of VNC at this

Best regards,

know of 5:

Remote PC Administration Tools

- PCAnywhere; the original, the standard
- Citrix: pcAnywhere clone, not as functional (no file
transfer mode)
- VNC (ATT product); 
- Timbuktu: 
- Terminal Services Client (built into Windows 2000)

we use 4 of these in my shop (timbuktu the only one i
have no exp. 
So far, pcanywhere seems to be the most
featurific.  Citrix is the least flexible, the least
stable (though it
may be my config, not the product).


Microsoft SMS administrator.
Thanks a lot
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