Summary..questions on the Sun Fire 6800/4800

From: Matthew Harris <>
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 22:03:33 EST
   Thanks to everyone who replied (Doug Otto, Taveren, Tyler Ravenwood,
  Phil Black, Erwin Fritz, Kevin Graham, Craig Leikis) to my questions on
  the Sun Fire 4800/6800 series..


I've got a couple of questions on the Sun Fire 6800/4800 series
Do these platforms come in a Rack/Cabinet or can I install them
into some third part rack/cabinet?
 >>> Yes, the 6800 has to come in a Sun Rack, and can handle 2 D240s
 >>> within that rack. That rack also comes with caster type wheels to be
 >>> able to roll it off the pallet and place it in the computer room.

 >>> The 4800 series can come in a Sun Rack (Optional) or you can mount
 >>> it in a 3rd party cabinet, Need to verify dimensions to correctly purchase
 >>> a cab. Recommendation are to bye a Sun Rack for this one. It too comes
 >>> on caster type wheels.

If they do come in their own rack/cabinet do they have casters\wheels on
them to be able to relocate one should the need arise.
 >>> Yes

Last question pertains to the SUN D240. Does this 2U unit fit inside
the same Rack/Cabinet as the 6800/4800 or will it sit external to the
6800/4800 that it will be connected to.
 >>>2 D240's will reside within the 6800 Sun Rack, and the Sun Fire 4800
 >>> Sunrack can handle more than 2.
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