Summary: sendmail not sending

From: John Tan <>
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 18:43:20 EST
Thank you, ed, tom.oneil, Tony Tran, Marion Ismail, Yura Mismerov, Steve
Sandau, Noel Hunt, Rodica Alexandru, Barazani, and Wesley A Wannemacher (and
anyone I may have missed) for your helpful suggestions.

I tried and retried everything that was suggested (except purging out the
queue because I really wanted sendmail to work).  I checked /var/log/syslog
for mail logs messages, checked the QueueDirectory line in,
sendmail -q I<string>, sendmail -qR<string>, sendmail -v, permissions on
/var/spool/mqueue, the qf* an df* files, the DS line in
Nothing seemed to work.  It seems that sendmail does not notice those
messages in the queue and does not even attempt to deliver them.

It eventually worked with when I ran "sendmail -v -q" a final time.  I had
tried this yesterday with Marion Ismail's suggestion, but nothing happened,
but it worked when I tried again after reading Barazani's email this
morning.  I can't explain why it wouldn't work yesterday, but did today.
Anyhow, my problem has gone away.

Thanks again.

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> Subject:	sendmail not sending
> Hi, folks
> I'm having a little issue with sendmail that I can't seem to get to the
> botttom of.
> I have messages hanging around in /var/spool/mqueue.  Stopping and
> restarting sendmail does not process the messages in the queue.  Running
> sendmail afresh would process new messages, but not those old ones.
> "mailq" (or "sendmail -bf") do not indicate why those messages are not
> processed.
> Any ideas?  Many thanks.
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