SUMMARY: backing out solaris upgrade

From: Nate Campi <>
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 11:53:23 EST
The first few responses was to look at LiveUpgrade from Sun, which looks
good. One person asked if I'd really trust a backout procedure anyways,
which was a good point, and to use conventional backups. A couple
people asked if it was mirrored, and if so to break the mirror before
upgrade. A couple more agreed that conventional backups (local tape,
ufsdump) is best.

I like the mirror idea - the disk isn't mirrored but it's a UE2 and the 
second disk slot isn't used. I'll mirror it with DiskSuite and break the
mirror before the upgrade.

Now: how do I get the 2.6 DiskSuite software when I don't have the 2.6
CD's? All I have around are Solaris 7 and 8 CDs. Any pointers welcome.

Thanks to:

Evans, Tim
Cho, John   
Frederiksen, Paul
David Foster   
David Billett 
system administration account <>
Granzow, Doug 

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