Summary : A question about /root

From: Rikard Stemland Skjelsvik <>
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 08:43:59 EST
Sorry for a late summary.

Thanks to the follwing people:

Mike Peppard, Don Werve, Alan Clegg, Jeff Kennedy, Eduardo Sanchez,
Alan Reichert, Jordi Vidal, Johnie Stafford, Peter Ondruska,
Thomas 'Mike' Michlmayr, Adrian Terranova,,Gabel
Martin, Davorin Bengez, Dave Mitchell, Padraig Lennon,  Alex J. Avriette
& one system administration account

What are the implications and advantages to setting the homedirectory to
/root and how is it done?


 1.	Create /root and set appropriate accessrights (chmod 0700 /root)
 2.	Edit /etc/passwd to reflect new homedir
 4.	Move some files from / to /root

 Reasons for doing this:
 1.	Avoid cluttering / with administrators private files
 2. 	Other system users liek daemon,sys etc don't share homedir with
 3.	Hide these files from other users
 4.	When users log in and can't access their homedir, they will get
 	homedir set to /.

 1.	Make sure /root is on the rootpartition in case of single user
 2.	Check scripts that may break when moving files from / to /root
 	Check crontabscripts

 This is a BSD practice and not SVR5
 Linux and HPUX does this. Standard on SunOS. Solaris and Tru64 does not.

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