SUMMARY: weird find permission errors

From: Neil Hunt <>
Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 19:44:00 EST
Well that was quick.  As soon as I read my post, replies were coming in.
Thanks to

All these people said that I shouldn't use UID over about 60000.  At least my thinking was along the same lines.
Thanks guys.

Original Message
G'day Sun Managers,
I just created a new user on my Solaris 2.6, E4000 box.  I created this
user with the same permissions as a much earlier user, same groups,
ownerships, permissions, etc.  (Each of these users will act as an
Oracle DBA).

Original user has uid of 8045.
New user had uid of 65989.

On running the following command from the new user's home directory :-

find /u*/oradmin/${ORACLE_SID}/exp -name "*${rundate}*.log" -print

I get errors like

find: cannot open /u11/oradmin/ppp1/exp: Permission denied

Running from anywhere outide of /export/home gives me:


On changing the uid of the new user to 8050, the whole thing works.
This isn't a problem anymore, just a curiosity, can anyone shed some
light on this?
I'll sumarise.

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