Summary of messed-up terminals

From: Daniel Zhuang <>
Date: Mon Feb 04 2002 - 14:11:55 EST
Thanks for Lennon Padraig, Steven Mickeler and David Evans for your quick response.
the problem is related inappropriate TERM setting
To use Ctrl-J instead of Enter key at login stage
then setenv TERM=vt100 or export TERM=vt100
or use reset command
it is back to normal

below is my previous question.
I try to telnet a Solaris system from a linux box.
the screen shows up  " login: " prompt  as usual
but when I type username and press Enter key, the curson goes back to the first character on this line
which is "l" and doesn't respond any more. 
I finally figure out to use Ctrl + Enter Key combination as simply Enter key. then screen shows

login:  aaa
after inputting password, it can access. but initial even a simply command like "ls", the output shows on several irregular lines.

I guess it might be related to getty setting with carriage-return or baud rate. but don't know exactly how to configure.

Please share you ideas. 

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