SUMMARY: Sun Fire with direct-attached Compaq MSL5026 Library

From: Jeffrey Tay <>
Date: Sun Feb 03 2002 - 21:47:08 EST
Hi All,

Thanks to:
Metcalf, Bob <>
Ravenwood, Tyler <>
Gary Mulder <>

There was one case where this combination did not work, while the drive
could be seen it could not be written to. The various vendors involved
(Sun, Compaq, CA, Veritas) could not provide any solutions

In other combinations, there was good feedback on the usage of Antares
cards, in one case, Antares cards with an Overland LVD library worked
fine, as with an ADIC Scalar 100/1000

I guess I'll look for a third party item, ie. not from competing vendors,
to avoid being stranded if neither will help. Besides the Overland
LXN2000 I was eyeing, the ADIC Scalar 100 looks interesting. StorageTek
also has an L20, but it looks quite ugly *duck*

Thanks all!

On Thu, 31 Jan 2002, Jeffrey Tay wrote:

> Good Morning managers,
> I have a Sun Fire V880 which I intend to get a tape library for; I'm
> looking at the SDLT library from Compaq, MSL5026SL which will be direct
> attached SCSI (not through a SAN or anything). This is actually OEMed from
> Overland Data (Neo LXN2000)
> Software is Legato Networker 6.1.x
> Legato's software compatibility matrix shows the combination of Solaris
> and this library as supported, however Compaq's specs for this library do
> NOT list Solaris as a supported OS.
> To make things just a bit more fun, Compaq's library only comes with FC or
> LVD interfaces, while Sun does not sell LVD adapters.
> Hence, my plan now is to get the library, a third party LVD adapter (from
> Antares or somewhere); does anyone out there have a similar scenario? I'd
> appreciate very much if you could share your opinions or success/war
> stories.
> Thanks very much;  I will summarise.
> Regards,
> Jeffrey
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