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From: Dave Hall <unix_at_vermeermfg.com>
Date: Fri Feb 01 2002 - 10:56:23 EST
Wow, what a great response.  Special thanks to the following:

John Riddoch
Buddy DeMontier
Casper Dik

John pointed me to the following resolution to my problem:

1.  Remove the "set pt_cnt=x" entry from /etc/system file.
2.  Change /etc/yassp.conf to allow "devfsadm" to run.
3.  Start the /etc/init.d/devfsadm manually.  This will allow pseudo ttys to
be created as needed by the kernel.
4.  A reboot is necessary if you need to exceed the x value, because the
change to
/etc/system doesn't take effect until after you reboot.

Specifically, YASSP disables the dynamic PTY allocation.

For more information follow the following link:


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Subject: increase in pseudo terminals

We are in the process of installing 2 V880s with Solaris 8 fully patched.
(We have also run yassp against these boxes.)  Without changing anything in
/etc/system, we can only get up to 32 pseudo connections and we need 512
I have tried to work through the Solaris Answerbook Documentation for
Solaris 8 rel 7/01 and each /dev/pts entry should consume 176 bytes.  Since
the box has 16 gig of ram, this should allow more than enough connections,
but we still can only get 32.

We have tried to add entries pt_cnt=512 and ptms_ptymax=512 to /etc/system,
touch /reconfigure and rebooted the box and still only get 32 connections.

We have tried to add the entries pt_cnt=512 and pt_pty_max=512 to
/etc/system, touch /reconfigure and rebooted the box and still only get 32

How do I increase the number of pseudo terminal connections?

Thanks in advance for any help and I will summarize.

Dave Hall
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