[SUMMARY] Grow slice 7 into empty cylinders?

From: William Enestvedt <Will.Enestvedt_at_jwu.edu>
Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 15:06:32 EST
I got a few responses that said I should be able to do this, which may well
have been correct, but I was hampered by the presence of Solstice DiskSuite
and its eventual disagreement with Solaris about the size of the
filesystems. (Sorry, Jeff!) As a result, I had to break the mirror; adjust
the size of slice 7 with the 'format' command; build a new filesystem on one
of the disks with 'newfs'; copy the data there; rebuild slice 7 on the other
disk the same way; and finally add them to DiskSuite again and sync up the
data. (I haven't yet worked on the second drive, but I will Real Soon.)
   [The most important step that every answer featured was the need for a
backup before I started. May I mention here that my NBU Master Server was on
this partition? Naturally...]
    The SunSolve web site says, in item #16305, "It COULD BE [sic] that the
size of this filesystem in this volume does not match the size of the
filesystem." As vague as that is, it's exactly the case: Solaris knew that
I'd made slice 7 bigger, but DiskSuite refused to believe it. [See the doc
for details on how to check this both for Veritas Volume manager and for
DiskSuite.] I wish it were otherwise, but I guess the presence of a logical
volume manager complicated things; if someone has simple devices mounted,
like /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s0, then this might work for them.
   The most complete answer was:
> No problem. First, MAKE A BACKUP. Unmount the filesystem 
> and add the cylinders to slice 7 using format, then use growfs 
> <raw-device> to add the space to the filesystem. Remount, 
> and you're back in business. You should be able to do this 
> while the filesystem is mounted as well, but I tend not to 
> tempt fate.  'man growfs' for more info.
> Easy enough?  :)
   One person suggested that I assign the unused cylinders to slice 2, and
while the audacity of the idea appealed to me, the fact that this server had
to match another's configuration held me back:
> Normally slice 2 is used to represent the "whole disk".
> This is an old tradition, but is not required. You can
> reassign slice 2 to be any particular cylinders you want.
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Subject: Grow slice 7 into empty cylinders?
   I need space pretty badly, and I'm hoping that someone can tell me
whether this clever plan will work.
    I have a 420R running Solaris 2.6 and I use Disksuite to mirror the two
internal drives. If I have the disks already partitioned into seven slices,
but apparently left a bunch of cylinders unassigned _after_ slice seven, can
I expand slice seven to include those slices non-destructively? (Sadly, I
can't add an 8th slice to the drive and then use DiskSuite to tack it on to
the metadevice.)
   If not, do I have any alternatives besides using format to make a larger
s7, re-make the filesystem, and then and then restore onto it?
    Thanks for any pointers to stuff I should have seen beforehand.
   Thanks especially to Jeff Horwitz, as well as Darren Dunham and Richard
Markham. To the salesman who sent me the unsolicited quote...feh.
Will Enestvedt
UNIX System Administrator
Johnson & Wales University -- Providence, RI
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