SUMMARY: 72-gig drives on a E250?

From: Angel Moreno <>
Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 13:33:06 EST
Hi to all,

in summary, it should not be a problem use this kind of drive (by the 
experience of some of you) on a E250, E450, etc. Only take care on the type 
of interface, SCA 80-pin in this case. And, obviously, the necessity of the 
'spud' brackets to use them.

A lot of thanks to all that aswered my post:

"Sreedharan, Anil"
"Christophe Dupre"
"Harrington, David B"
"Tim Chipman"
"Steve Camp"
"Jay Lessert"
"G W Cantello"

At 22:40 29/01/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>does anyone knows if a Sun E250 with the last release of Solaris 8 and the 
>last patches applied will support 72-gig Ultra160SCSI drives? Anyone has 
>experienced with a this kind of drives and E250 (or similar)?
>Due to a puntual necessities of high volume of storage on this machine we 
>have thought to adquire 4 of these disks, exactly model ST373405LC from 
>Seagate, but E250 specs only mentions up to 36-gig drives, but not greater.
>These will work?
>Thanks in advance. I will summarize...
>(and sorry for my broken english ;)
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