SUMMARY: Character Limit For "dtlogin greeting'?

From: Deborah Santomauro <>
Date: Tue Jan 29 2002 - 15:00:53 EST
Many thanks to:

David Stern
Dan Lorenzini

I passed on the information to the person who was trying to do this. I went 
ahead and tested out both recommendations (stictly out of curiousity and just in 
case the guy with the original problem comes back and says that "it still isn't 
working") Both do what is expected and did not take a whole lot of time.

Original Posting:

Is there a character limit in defining what the dtlogin greeting can contain?
A question was posed as to whether a complete message (about 15 lines of text) 
could be displayed at the dtlogin. I know about using the motd at the moment a 
system boots up but I've never been asked whether this can be done with the 
dtlogin greeting. Using the Xresources to predefine only allows for one line of 
text; I'm looking into whether it can done via the Xconfig file. But if anyone 
has been successful with this, I would appreciate your feedback.

A more common way to do this is make a gif out of it, convert it to an xpm
(eg using /usr/dt/bin/sdtimage) then inserting that in Xresources
(Dtlogin*logo*bitmapFile:         /usr/local/images/

(Dan Lorenzini):
You can put more than one line in the Xresources file.  However, if the
amount of text is large, there is a bug in 2.6 Solaris that causes the
message to not get properly erased when it switches to the password
prompt screen.

This is how you do it:

Make changes to Dtlogin*greeting.labelString.  To continue on another
line, end the line with "\n\" as the last three characters.  If you
have several lines, you might want to change the fontsize also.  I
replace the font specification with this:

Dtlogin*greeting.fontList: -dt-interface 

The 2.6 bug is fixed in Solaris 8.

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