SUMMARY: Setting time back (was time questio)

From: Sawasy, Matthew <>
Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 14:52:53 EST
Alright! I believe I have the solution!  

the date command's "-a" option causes the system time to speed up or slow
down by the amount of time specified.  From the man page:

     -a [-]sss.fff
           Slowly  adjust  the  time  by  sss.fff  seconds   (fff
           represents fractions of a second). This adjustment can
           be positive or negative. The system's  clock  will  be
           sped  up  or  slowed  down until it has drifted by the
           number of seconds specified. Only the  super-user  may
           adjust the time.

Thank you Frank Huang and Tim Chipman!


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