SUMMARY: Can't send email as a normal user

From: Jack Burton <>
Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 11:54:55 EST
I got many replies suggesting the problem was with the permissions on
/var/spool/mqueue.  This was not correct.  The permissions of 750 are
correct.  The problem was /usr/lib/sendmail did not have the setuid bit on.

chmod 455 /usr/lib/sendmail"
Thanks to all who replied.

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From: Jack Burton 
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Subject: Can't send email as a normal user

I'm getting the following message whenever I try sending email as a normal
cannot chdir(/var/spool/mqueue): Permission denied
Doesn't matter what mail program I use.  I can receive email but not send
email.  Root can send mail.  The permissions of the mqueue directory are 750
with owner root and group bin.
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