Summary: Disk Serial Number

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Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 09:12:43 EST
I knew it what something simple.  Many thanks to Eliezer Ramm and Jon Haworth
both who said "iostat -E".  Eliezer also pointed out "netstat -k sd,err" (the
infamous undocumented netstat option).  One of my cohorts in admin agonized
over it for a while before remembering the "format -e" command. This shows
"scsi" option under which is an "inquiry" command. This also shows the serial
number, in the first few lines.


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> I know this is a "oh yeah, that one" question but here goes: Other than
> "vxdmpinq" what's the command/method to get the serial number for a > disk.
> Its one of those that I use about once a year.
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