SUMMARY: sockets stuck in CLOSE_WAIT

From: Elizabeth Jones <>
Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 11:30:41 EST
thanks to Jon Andrews, Hendrik Visage, Suresh Rajagopalan, Ian Roddis, Al
Hopper, Frank Huang,  Kevin Buterbaugh,
Todd Urie, Joe Fletcher, and Nick Hindley.    Suggested solutions included
"Its an application issue, so its not your
problem", resetting /dev/tcp values on the server, and checking out the
weblogic newsgroups.  All the suggestions
were great, especially about weblogic newsgroups where I discovered that
sockets left hanging in CLOSE_WAIT
were a known problem for weblogic.  The suggested solution in the
newsgroups was to reset a bunch of settings
to weblogic's recommended settings.  Even after we did this the problem
continued until we finally contacted one
of our network engineers who told us that he had been "doing something".
He undid whatever it was that he was
doing (he wouldn't tell us what it was) and now the app is working fine.

Elizabeth Jones
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