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From: Deborah Santomauro <>
Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 12:44:40 EST
Thanks to:
Paul Keller
Joel Lee
Chris Keladis
Ric Anderson
Jeff Woolsey
Lars Hecking
petri kallberg
Riddoch, John
Albert White
Rich Kulawiec 

I had tried "truss" (and the man pages as well) and depending on which flag is 
used, different information is displayed. I found out that there are several 
'files' being called into play:

(Note: the /dev/zero is linked to ../devices/pseudo/mm@0:zero which appear to be 
null files)

and in /usr/include/sys/utsname.h, the #include <sys/feature_tests.h> struct is 
used (and I am not a programmer by any means of my imagination) so I'm not sure 
what this does.

Now I'm starting to get into the 'nitty-gritty' of the kernel, of which I am 
completely ignorant of.....and here comes the investigate/learn process. Why am 
I being so "anal" about this???? Because we reported a problem we are having 
when we changed from 2.6 to Solaris 8 to Sun and their response was that it was 
not a problem we were having but more of a "request for enhancement". Things 
were changed/removed from the kernel. We have some people here who were able to 
'hack' the genunix file and 'put back' what was missing so now I'm trying to 
play detective and determine whether or not we truly have a problem and possible 
bug with Solaris 8 or if it is as Sun says and it's just an enhancement request.

Again, I appreciate the quick responses - this is a GREAT list :o)

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