SUMMARY:Vi - map! doesn't map the arrow keys in insert mode

From: Eliezer Ramm <>
Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 10:56:40 EST
Hats off to SunManagers ! I got lots of feedback. unfortunately no one was
able to pinpoint the problem. Two comments got me thinking - 
"I find that there's so much skew in vt100 implementations and emulations
and in cursor key encoding in general that it's only reasonable to use hjkl
to move the cursor. - Jacob Ritorto

are you *truly* using a DEC VT100 connected to the tty? - Peter Laws

since I am using SecureCRT (w/ vt100 emulation and Strip 8th bit) to connect
to a Netra ( Solaris 8 w/ setenv TERM vt100 in the .cshrc) I figured it
would take me another afternoon to figure out *exactly* what kind of term I
was running and how to get my shells to recognize it.

In the end i downloaded Vim from and linked vim to
/usr/bin/vi. every thing works fine :)


> Today I have wasted a lot of time trying unsuccessfully to get the arrow
> keys to work in insert mode w/ Vi on Solaris 8/TERM=vt100/tcsh/
> first i set up a .exrc file adding ttytype for good measure.
> set ttytype=vt100
> set showmode
> set wrap
> set showmatch
> set ic
> set timeout=400
> map! ^[OD ^[ha
> map! ^[OB ^[ja
> map! ^[OA ^[ka
> map! ^[OC ^[la
> problems start when I do source .exrc I get map!: Command not found. (x4)
> sure enough when I try to use the arrow keys in insert mode I get A B C D
> instead of Up,Down,...
> Interesting Points:
> 1) in command mode :map! shows nothing (duh!)
> 2) w/ my .exrc file loaded, Vi switches (showmode is set) from 'Insert
> to 'Open Mode' when I use a  arrow key in Insert Mode.
> 3) if I enter :map! ^[OC ^[la in Command mode, then the associated arrow
> works fine.
> I am not interested in switching to vim or emacs. my goal is to be able to
> have a basic ability to move around the file while editing.
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