SUMMARY: SCSI ids of internal disks of an ultra 1

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Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 03:17:00 EST
Hello managers.

Thank you for your replies. In fact normally i couldn't change the scsi id's
from internal disks of an ultra 1, but with one type of disks it works and this
were a seagate disk. By setting the jumpers of both disks to my desired id
the second disk is "or-ed" to the next one. For example:
- default is 0 and 1
- set the jumpers of both disks to id 2 -> first disk is 2, second disk is 3
I have tried this with 2 ibm disks, 2 seagate disks and 2 connor disks and only
with seagate it works.
But this is with no warranty.


Here my orginal question:
>Hello managers.
>How could i change the scsi id of the internal disks of an ultra 1.
>Default they have the ids 0 and 1 but i need the ids 2 and 3.
>Jumpersettings of the disks are ignored.

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