summary: acceptable number ranges for vmstat fields

From: Eliezer Ramm <>
Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 12:22:24 EST
I only received one answer, still it provides insight that is worth sharing.

     All filesystem I/O is done via paging, so you can pretty much ignore
page ins / outs.  The fields to page attention to in vmstat output are the
r (should be less than 4 per CPU), b (should be 0), sr (should be 0 under
Solaris 8, less than 273 on Solaris 7 and earlier), us (should be < 60%),
sy (should be < than 30%), and id (should be > 10%).

     Since this is evidently a mail server, I'd highly recommend you pay
close attention to I/O performance with iostat (look for disks more than
50% busy and / or service times > 30 ms).  HTH...

Kevin Buterbaugh
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