SUMMARY: DLT7000 with hardware failure

From: <>
Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 20:30:30 EST
I'll get this summary over with before the guys and girls from Europe
get up from bed and start flooding me with advice as well :)

The problem was a DLT7000, which after having a tape lacking the initial
'hole' on the end inserted, got a hardware failure.

This was correctly diagnosed as a "swallowed leader" by a number of
people. Some advised to call for service, but being an academic
descending from a long line of handymen, I had an urge to try it my


1.   Remove cover or give up at once
(1.5 For easier access, remove drive unit by pulling the tab
     in the bottom and unplugging power and scart (?) cord.)
2.   Remove the transparent plastic cover by pulling the tabs
     on the sides and lift. Alternatively, for older models it
     might be a metal cover fastened with a screw.
3.   Get hold of the end of the plastic tape on the reel, and
     lead it through the surrounding 'path' and past the reader.
4.   Pull out the black plastic arm that resides in the tape comp-
     artment and hook the hole in the tape onto the hook of the arm.
5.   Put everything back in place.

Lots of thanks to Sean Berry for the oral instructions, and thanks to
all others answering. And Andrew, next time go for it.


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