SUMMARY: NTP Synchronization problems

From: Ian Roddis <>
Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 14:52:10 EST
Thanks to:
  Martin Akesson
  Tim Chapman
  Justin Stringfellow
  James Zhao
  Jay Lessert
  A Mysterious "system administration account" :)

  The final consensus was that there isn't an obvious solution. The best
suggestion was to install patch 109409-04, which I will do.
  I will add a final note that I didn't include in the original e-mail, that
makes this problem even weirder:
  Slave has clients that sync to it ( This entire setup is a convoluted way
of getting around a firewall ). The clients that sync to Slave have the same
time as Master, but Slave, which sync's to Master doesn't. So Slave is
receiving the right time, and sending the right time, but it doesn't seem to
want to listen to itself.

Anyway, thanks for all those who took the time to answer.


On 1/10/02 10:18 AM, "Ian Roddis" <> wrote:

> Hi List,
> Currently, I've got a Solaris 7 server ( Slave ) which syncs its time to
> another, trusted server ( Master ). The synchronization is fine ( as
> reported by the ntpsats file ), and running an ntpdate manually returns that
> the server is in sync.
> However, when I log into Slave, it's time (from 'date' and 'date -u') is 4
> minutes ahead of Master. I've reset the environment variables ( TZ, etc ),
> and pared down the ntp.conf file to just one server and one peer ( Server A
> itself ), but nothing seems to help. The Kernel rev is 106541-17.
> Anybody seen anything like this before?
> Thanks!
> Ian Roddis
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