From: Deborah Santomauro <>
Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 12:37:00 EST
It's taken a while for me to resolve this - other fires to put out and so 
forth....only one person responded and thanks for your input Harvey (Wamboldt). 
Harvey provided some useful information on "pre-defining the window size" but 
what I needed was to have "maximize completely removed"  (and by the time I got 
around to resolving this particular issue, the customer requested that the 
"resize handles" be removed as well) - yeah I know....why??? Well this is what 
the customer wants and this is what I needed to accomplish. I used Harvey's 
suggestion on predefining window size plus what I was able to find by digging 
back into the man pages for dtwm and dtwmrc. Here is the original question and 
the solution:

My question is how to change "CDE" variables for the Xterm environment? I have a 
request to make system wide changes for the Xterm window that disables the 
"Maximize". Which files do I need to edit to make this change and are the 
parameters similar to "dtterm"?

For example, for "dtterm" I could just set it up so that the 'sys.dtwmrc' in 
/etc/dt/config/<language> or in $HOME/.dt/dtwmrc (user only) ......


edit or create an .Xdefaults file (user only) or edit the 
/etc/dt/config/C/Xresources (system) and add the following:

!! Following limits the size of the dtterm window:
Dtwm*maximumClientSize:  vertical
!! Ditto for Xterm window:
XTerm*maximumClientSize: 120x60

!!Now remove the "maximize" option and "resize handles":
Dtwm*windowMenu:        -resizeh  -maximize
Xterm*windowMenu:       -resizeh  -maximize


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