SUMMARY: Runaway Syslogd

From: Tim Evans <>
Date: Wed Jan 09 2002 - 18:42:49 EST
Earlier (before the holidays), I said:

> I am seeing hundreds of thousands of duplicate entries in
> my syslog logs.  Killing the daemon, null-ing the file, and 
> restarting it
> only helps until the next message arrives, at which time the
> syslog file again begins filling up; within an hour or two, it's 
> consumed all available space in the logging filesystem.

Thanks to:

Sal Serafino
Jonathan Hays
Fletcher, Joe
Justin Stringfellow Justin.Stringfellow@Sun.COM

This would appear to be pilot error.  Restoring a default Solaris 8-
distributed syslog.conf file resolved the problem.  Even backing
out the latest syslog patch 110945-04 didn't resolve it.

FWIW, I'd swear the now-suspect syslog.conf file *was* working for
several months before this episode.  When time permits, I'll go into
old backup tapes and find it from before this started and see whether
it was recently changed.
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