SUMMARY: Error reading from connection: Bad file number

From: starfish524 DDong <>
Date: Tue Jan 08 2002 - 20:55:24 EST
Hi Sun Managers,

Woo!! the responses were fast after I had posted my question to
this list.

Special thanks to the following guys for their help.
Casper Dik
Riddoch John
Thomas Anders
Joel Lee
Walt Sullivan

All pointed out that there is a port scans against my system. I'll
investigate and look into my system.



>From: "starfish524 DDong" <>
>Subject: Error reading from connection: Bad file number
>Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2002 10:11:39 +0000
>Hi Sun Managers,
>I've an E5500 with 2.6, System is experiencing error messages as shown
>Dec 18 15:49:26 ssunu2 rsh[27343]: connection from bad port
>Dec 18 15:49:27 ssunu2 bsd-gw[27344]: Error reading from connection: Bad 
>file number
>This error messages happen intermittently and I couldn't figure out
>what are the root causes.
>Would appreciate if someone out there can shed a light on this.

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