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From: Muhammad Kashif Siddiqi <>
Date: Tue Jan 08 2002 - 10:09:36 EST
Hi there hope u all r in the best of ur state in all aspect's ;)

Thnx once again to the community for coming forth and helping me out. My
question was :
I have Ultrasparc30 machine which have 4 memory banks of of 4 slots
each. i would like to know if i fill two banks with 4x32k and one bank
with 4x64k, that makes total of 512k of RAM, will it work or i have to
fill the banks with the same ones.

The following are the best responses that I got:

On the Ultra30, two DIMMs form a pair, and two pairs of DIMMs form a
The minimum requirement is two DIMMs in any adjacent pair.
DIMMs can be installed in any order of pairs.
Interleaving requires a fully populated quad.
Each quad addresses 512MB of memory.

Therefore, your memory layout should work fine.  You can find this
information in the Sun System Handbook online at


Here are the possible combinations choices you have:

Option #        Manufacturing Part #    Description     Price
X7002A [S]      501-2622 [F] (32MB)     64MB (2 W 32MB DIMM)    $55
X7003A [S]      501-2480 [F] (64MB)     128MB (2 W 64MB DIMM)   $125
X7004A [S]      501-3136 [F] (128MB)    256MB (2 W 128MB DIMM)  $275
X7001A [N]      501-2479 [F] (16MB)     32MB (2 W 16MB DIMM)    $25

You will have the best performance for using the same memory DIMM in the
slot bank.  There tends to problems when you try to mix and match
DIMMs in the same bank.

If you have a need, I have all of the listed options for the prices
Good luck.

Best regards,

Troy Abernathy
R2 Technology, Inc.
616.698.7208 Fax

It will work, though the interleaving won't work.  The only real
is that the same chips be used in the same bank.  To get the
you need to have the same chips each bank.

Hope this helps,
Rick Place
Sr. Unix Systems Administrator
US LEC of North Carolina

You can get info about all Sparcs by:
go to
follow the link on the right to Kingston Ram
search by manufacturer/model
There are two listed ultra 30 models, but the advice is the
same. Any combination of PAIRS of kits will work.
Each kit is 2 simms, so you can put in any combination up to
2GB, but you must put in banks of 4 matching simms at a


Well so it does, thnx, bother u again nxt time

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