SUMMARY: Network bridge

From: Craig Scott <>
Date: Tue Jan 08 2002 - 08:34:00 EST
Thanks to those who replied (Alan Clegg, Ed Rolison, Sean Cheney). All
pointed towards ipfilter, unfortunately I already had this installed.
>From what I can see IPFilter provides comprehensive packet filtering and
NAT but does not provide bridging, for this it depends on the underlying
operating system.
Static arp and routes may be an option and I have had a try setting them
up but couldn't quite get them to work. The problem with this appears to
be the default route and packet forwarding across the interfaces. Given
time constraints (have to get this working ASAP) and that this box is
only intended to be a very cheap (i.e. - no budget) temporary firewall,
I have decided to use OpenBSD or NetBSD. Both of these OS's can be
configured to bridge using the brconfig command. Hopefully, this will do
until I can get some sort of budget and put in something like the full
version of SunScreen.
Craig Scott
IT Development Officer
South Tyneside College
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Subject: Network bridge

Is it possible to set up a Solaris 8 Intel box with two network
interfaces both on the same subnet and have it act as a transparent
For example, interface elx0 is connected to a network and so is elx1, I want traffic to
seamless flow through the two interfaces with packet filtering taking
place on the Solaris 8 box, I believe this is possible in OpenBSd with
brconfig command and ipfilter is there a free way of doing this with
Will summarise
Craig Scott
IT Development Officer
South Tyneside College
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