Summary :SBUS VS PCI

From: sivaram hosavalika <>
Date: Sat Jan 05 2002 - 08:42:52 EST
Sorry for the late summary and thanks for the
responses,I was out of city,

Sanjeev wrote

SBUS, PCI & UPA are Sun' standard bus.The type of card
different.Sbus card can be inserted only on Sbus slot
on the motherboard where as 
PCi cards should have pci slot in the motherboard.

YOu have to see the system configuration to see what
slot you have on 
the system.Old model system is having Sbus card
eg:SS20,SS10 etc ..And 
Ultra 5,10,60 machine have Pci slots.Servers like
e3500 /4500 you can 
sbus or PCI depending on your i/o card.

Matthew stier wrote
Sun systems have gone through many "buses" over the

The first systems shipped (in the early 80') as a card
cage with
"Multi(something or other)" CPU, Memory and I/O cards.

During the late 80's, the systems used VME card cages.

In the early 90's, with the big push from deskside
towers to desktop
systems, Sun needed to replace the VME bus with
something considerably
smaller, so it developed the SBus.  (SBus stands for
"School Bus", 
the code name of the SPARCstation-1 was "Campus".)

In the late 90's, Sun determined that aging SBus
needed to be replaced
with somethings of higher performance.  Since Sun
believes in 
it choose the now popular PCI bus.  The first system
to ship with a
PCI bus was the Ultra-30.  It has been standard on all
systems since.

Since Sun follows the PCI standards, any PCI card can
work in a Sun
system with PCI slots, if someone is willing to write
the drivers.
Something Sun was hoping to happen, by giving
third-party PCI card
manufactures one more platform to sell their product

My original post
dear all,

what is the difference between  SBUS and PCI..are
enterprise series SBUS technology?i heard sun is going
to stop supporting SBUS...What about ultra series? can
anyone point me to good links where i'll know the
concepts clearly..

thanks in advance
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