SUMMARY: SunFire 280R - CPU Temperature

From: Mathias Kanstrup <>
Date: Fri Jan 04 2002 - 10:01:34 EST
Thanks everyone that replied: 
Bob Smart, Joe Fletcher, Joseph Herpers, Capser Dik, Steve Hunt, Ferenc 
Bakos, Craig Scott, Dirk Jansen, Mats Kronberg, N Murray.

Bob Smart pointed out that there were an earlier posting regarding the same 
topic, from early December posted by Thomas Cannon.

Steve Hunt  explained that the later models of sparc kit prtdiag prints the 
die temperature rather than the ambient temperature, which explains the 
difference to the T1.

Seems like 63 degrees Celcius, is normal.

Thanks again.

Mathias Kanstrup

[Original Posting]

Hi Sunmanagers!

I have a brand new SunFire 280R, 2048 MB RAM, Dual UltraSparc III 750MHz 
processors, running Solaris 8.
Doing some system monitoring, directly after boot, with prtdiag -v, shows a 
CPU temperature of 63 degrees (Celcius).

Isn't this a BIT high?
Our other Sun servers, a bunch of Netra T1 never get over 35 degrees 
(celcius) of CPU temperature.


Mathias Kanstrup
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