SUMMARY: colors on Solaris

From: Deb Heller-Evans <>
Date: Wed Jan 02 2002 - 12:06:42 EST
Good New Year to All,

About a week ago I posted a request for information regarding a tool
which would give me the hex representation for colors for writing in 
HTML.  I received the following suggestions:

     - Recommended the KDE pkg kcolorchooser
     + I looked into this, and, while viable, it requires compiling
	   and seems to be more geared toward linux.  Not the quick-n-
	   dirty solution I was after.

Stephen Waelder 
	 - Stephen sent me a Java Applet created by George Eleftheriou,
	   which has both decimal and hex representation for the RGB
	 + This was by far the Best Suggestion!  Quick, Easy,
	   and platform independant (ie, access via a web page).

Richard Place
     - Rick suggested using xv:
	 + xv is a good tool, and one I had forgotten about.  However, it's
	   not as friendly for the application I intend to use it, but I'm
	   glad he sent me the reference!

My thanks and gratitude to you all.


"If it dies, it's biology.  If it blows up, it's chemistry,
and if it doesn't work, it's physics."
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