Summary: Bootblk problem

From: Henry Dziewa <>
Date: Tue Jan 01 2002 - 14:55:36 EST
Ok, looks like on my particular system the root partition cannot
Be more than 2 GB. I created a smaller partition and this time
All worked out well.

Thanks to all of you, here are some names:

Darren Dunham 
Mazhar Khan
And others...

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Subject: Bootblk problem

Hello, this is may be a beginners question but here goes.
I have problems installing Solaris 8 on my Sparcstation 20.
Whenever the install finishes and restarts the system I get something
like this:
Bootblk: cannot find the boot system
Now, When I put an older hard drive and do the same install everything
checks out fine.
It would seem there is a problem with the bootblk not installing on this
particular hard drive.
If I mount the drive manually, looks like all the files are there, when
I try to install the bootblk manually
With 'installboot'  I get the same message after the re-boot.
Any ideas anyone ?
Thanks so much !
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