Summary: Solaris 7 64-bit w/ EMC PowerPath 1.5.3: path_to_inst H BA conflict prevents boot

From: Doug Clendening (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 13:07:50 CDT


The problem was caused by the patch 106300-08. We installed 106300-07
version of the patch and the problem went away.



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Anybody successfully running Solaris 7 (64-bit) with EMC's Volume Logix and
Powerpath software?


(2) LP8000 FC with latest firmware and 4.0 driver
Solaris 7 w/ latest recommended patch cluster plus two patches required by
EMC Powerpath patch 150-3.
Volume Logix


Install OS and patches.
Install Emulex 4.0 driver
Configure persistant binding for the two FC HBAs.
Install EMC Volume Logix.
Install EMC Powerpath 1.5.
Install EMC Powerpath patch 150-03 to enable 64-bit support.
Attempt reboot but system detects a host bus adapter conflict in
/etc/path_to_inst, which it attempts to fix.
Reboot again, but same problem. Attempt boot in single-user mode, but get
same path_to_inst error.
Boot off cdrom and uninstall Powerpath.
System comes up clean.

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