Summary: Could veritas volume manager software control A3000 hard ware RAID box?

From: Cheng, Jim (
Date: Tue Dec 29 1998 - 16:15:31 CST

Hi All,

First of all let me thank following gurus,

Klorese, Roger B.A
Rajeev Kumar.
Robert L. Harris
John Stoffel

It can be used to supplement the management (partitioning,
data movement,etc.), but not to control the actual RAID
controller LUN building.

Best reference:

Rajeev give me a wonderful case answer:
The A3000 (RSM2000) is a hardware RAID box comes with RAID MANAGER 6.x
software this software talks with A3000 bix and you can create LUNs
using this software. LUNs are group of Disks and you can setup these
LUNs as RAID-5 or(RAID-0, stripped volume etc.). I prefer ofcourse RAID
5. In our A3000 we have created 7 Luns, 6 Luns having 5 disks in each
(basically vertical column), and one LUN has onlu 4 disk and 1 disk from
this column we keep it as spare. Than OS will see these 7 LUNS (RAID-5,
setup with each LUN) as 7 harddisk (you can see via format command), now
you run SUN Volume manager (SUN ENterprise Volume manager(SEVM) and
Veritas software you have to install separately) and use these 7 LUNS as
7 VM-disks and create a Stripped(or concatened volumes), ofcourse SEVM
provide the RAID feature also(through software) but you don't use in
this case and you only use the stripped disks feature from SEVM. This is
how you use Hardware RAID (more efficienbt and dedicated hardware for
RAID and not overload CPU for RAID operations) and volumes are managed
by SEVM (Stripped). Ofcouse you can use SEVM with normal set of
disks(like 9 disks in a box) and there you can use SEVM RAID feature.

My original question:
> Sun manager,
> We have a A3000(RSM 2000 hardware RAID) RAID box. It comes with Sun RAID
> manager software. But we'd like to use veritas volume manager software to
> manage this RAID box(A3000). Is it possibile? And how?

Jim Cheng
Dow Jones & Co., Inc.
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