SUMMARY: frame buffer setting for PGX at sun450 using m64config

From: Yeo Ann Kian (
Date: Tue Dec 22 1998 - 21:09:08 CST

I made two typo in my original question with regard to resolution
setting. 1028x768x70 and 1159x900x66 should have been 1024x768x70
and 1152x900x66 respectively. Thanks for those who had pointed out.

As advised, I have applied the newest patch for m64config, ie 105362-16.
What had improved as far as I could notice was:
m64config was able to retrieve the edid table from the monitor
to report what sort of resolutions the monitor could support.

'm64config -res \?' produced ultimately similar output to 'm64cofig -prconf'.

On our Sun E450, m64config -res svga now
still refused to work, be it a Sun monitor or a PC multisync SVGA monitor.

I have done a little experiment on our Ultra 10:
m64config -res svga now worked for the same model of Sun monitor and
the same model of PC SVGA monitor used earlier in the above experiment
with E450.

Judging from the output of m64config -prconf, I must mention that the PROM
and ASIC versions are different on our Sun E450 and Ultra 10 .
Hence, the conclusion is that the PGX card on our E450 is not
working as advertised by m64config -prconf.

I had failed to get another model of PC SVGA monitor to work on both E450
and U10. I presume this PC monitor is lower end than the working one
mentioned above.

This is hardly a summary...more information is needed to understand how
to get a Sun frame buffer output to work with different type of monitor.
In fact, this little experiment croped up because we were trying
to buy a projector which could take the output of a PC monitor
and a Sun monitor.

Thanks to the following people who had responded to my question:
Ray Brownrigg <>
Roger Fujii <>
Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM>

Ann-Kian Yeo   Internet:   874-2780
School of Computing, NUS, Singapore

Original email sent on 16 Dec 1998:

Our Sun450 has a /dev/fbs/m640. >From the m64 man page, it says it is a 8-bit PCI color memory frame buffer.

I experimented with m64config to set the resolution to to 1028x768x70. The sun monitor went blank... The only other resolution can work on the Sun monitor is 1159x900x66 besides the default which is 1159x900x76.

Does this mean it is the limitation of the card? or the monitor? How can I find out what resolutions the Sun monitor can support?

Have anyone tried successfully to set m64config to svga and use a PC SVGA monitor in lieu of a Sun monitor?

Anybody can help?

I have gone thru the Sun framebuffer FAQ...can't seem to find an answer.

-- Ann-Kian Yeo Internet: 874-2780 School of Computing, NUS, Singapore

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