SUMMARY: Disk Copy Between Machines

From: Mark Lundy (
Date: Tue Dec 22 1998 - 10:11:29 CST

The suggestions were varied and many, thanks to all who responded. The
solution I chose was to mount the original server's filesystems on the
new server and run the following command (because cpio-ing as root can
still get permission denied errors) -

cd /original_server/file_system_mount_point
for USER in `ld [a-j]*`
        su $USER -c "find $USER -print | cpio -pdumcvB /new_server_mount_point/sunusers"

This allowed me to fully automate copying each filesystem, which, actually,
contained nothing more than users home directories. I brought up 8 xterms
and started all 8 filesystem copies at once. No users were in the building.
Copy was over 155Mb ATM net. It took nearly four hours at this pace.

There was one vote for copying over a direct cable connection,
several votes for doing the safe way onto and back off of tape.

A couple of others worth mentioning were a suggestion for using tar -

        tar clf - /filesystem_from | ( cd /filesystem_to && tar xf - )

and one user who used RDIST!

Thanks to all who responded.

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