SUMMARY: Followup of: Memory limit on Ultra 5

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Tue Dec 22 1998 - 09:07:30 CST

Hello All,

I was somewhat incorrect in my previous summary. As it happens, the U10
and U5 both have 4 DIMM slots. The difference between them is that the U5
is in a smaller box and therefore will not hold the 256 meg chips (too
high). Thanks to Casper Dik and Bill Hathaway for clearing this up. So,
the memory limit it is still 512 megs, just for different reasons.


Well, it turns out that the Ultra 5 is limited to 512 megs NOT because of
board limitations but because of slot limitations. There are only 4 DIMM
slots in the Ultra 5 and each can hold 128 meg DIMM's.

Thanks to:
Rick Hernandez
Rick Lantaigne
John Malick
D. Redmond
Eugene Choi

Hello All,

Does anyone know what the memory limit on an Ultra 5 is? The Ultra 10 has
a 1 gig limit but no mention of the 5's limit on or in this
lists archives.


Jeff Kennedy

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