Summary: Sendmail8.9.1 and db-2.5.9 question

From: Shubin Wang (
Date: Fri Dec 18 1998 - 15:28:49 CST

Dear Sun Managers;

I finaly get sendmail.8.9.1 worked with db-2.5.9. I know you may made
work without any problems, Just an experience to share with you.

The problems for me are:

1. I have old libdb.a which located in /usr/lib, when I first time
compliler my makemap command it used old libdb.a.

2. I though this old libdb.a may generate problem so I get ride of it
recompiler makemap.

3. The makemap Build script did not find /usr/libdb.a so it compiltered
without NEWDB.

So the problem is my makemap command is not right for my sendmail .
Claus Assmann remeder me in his e-mail, so thank you veyr much Claus

Also thanks for Wang, Shubin who help me to sendout this question.
Kun Li, Paul H. Yoshimun, and someone I may miss.

Thanks again.
        Xueying He

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Information Systems
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Johns Hopkins University
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