SUMMARY: External or internal disk?

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Date: Fri Dec 18 1998 - 08:39:02 CST

On 17-Dec-98 at 15:40:32 John Horne wrote:
> A quick question...given a Sun system with an internal and an external
> SCSI disk, how can I tell which disk is which without actually having to
> go and look at the machine? 'df' and 'format' can show me what disks are
> present, their size, etc - but is there a command to show if a disk is
> external or not? (I doubt this is a hardware specific question, but we
> run Solaris 2.5.1/2.6/7 on SS20's, Ultra 1, E3000, Classic.)
Quick answer is that you can' least not with certainty.

I received a few replies, most of whom pointed out that the earlier models
used SCSI id's 3 and 0 for the first 2 internal disks, and the later models
used 0 and 1. Some people pointed out that if all the external disks were
on one controller and the internals on another, then you could
differentiate between the two. Other than that...go and look :-)

(No-one actually asked why I wanted this, but it is because I was asked if
we could move an external 1GB disk onto another system. I said that the
external was actually 2GB and the internal 1GB. However, I couldn't prove
this without looking at the system - the SCSI id switch on the external
unit confirmed it. 'format' showed me which disks were available and their
size. It would, however, have been nice to just enter a command rather than
having to go down to the machine room just to look at a switch and then
come all the way back up again. Lazy I know :-) I will draw up hardware
sheets of our Suns for the New Year.)

Thanks for the help and merry Xmas to you all,


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