SUMMARY:Download utility for HTML pages

From: Umesh Shrikrishna Potbhare (
Date: Wed Dec 16 1998 - 06:31:28 CST

Hi all,


Hi Sun-Managers,

Can any one tell me any utility to download HTML Pages and links recursively on

Thanks and Regards,


I received very huge numbers of responces for this and everybody pointed me to


which can be available from any of the following locations
Sorry for not putting the indivisuals name who suggested me wget since the responces are near to 50 persons. Still I am very thankfull to all of you who has responded to my little qustion

There are two different responces received which I am listing below.

The second tool I received from Nickolai Zeldovich <> is

webcopy is a wonderful perl-based utility that will do that.. i am not the
author, but you can get a copy of it from:

The third responce I have received from Eric D. Pancer" <> to use nc or netcat.



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