SUMMARY: IMAP and POP servers

From: Matthew Atkinson (
Date: Wed Dec 16 1998 - 06:19:15 CST

Dear All,

Thanks to everybody for all the responses received :-

Neal Curran <>
Sebastian Benoit <>
"Rodney C. Marable" <>
Alan Kong <>
Mark Mellman <>
Grant Beattie <>
Douglas Palmer <>
Terry Hawkins x417 <>
Matt Reynolds <>
Rick Reineman <>
Richard Butler <>
Harvey Wamboldt <>
Hisashi T Fujinaka <>
"Michael A. Richards" <>
Gleb Kukhta <>
Deepak Sinha <> (Peter Laws)
Charlie Mengler <>
Chris Alexander <>
"Richard L. Goerwitz" <>

The comments were generally in agreement, and some respondents
reported using the exact combination that I am proposing to use
on their sites. (Particular thanks to Chris Alexander, for using
exactly the same combo on the same O/S version and even the same
hardware) Nearly all sites reported having no compatibility
problems with POP and IMAP.

Many pointed out that the UoW IMAP server comes with a POP server,
and I will probably migrate the POP server to this one if the
trials with the IMAP server are successful. However, in the
meantime, I prefer to leave my faultless POP server intact.

Others reported good experience with Sun's SIMS product, and also
Netscape's Message Suite. Others reported the cyrus imap server
to be reliable (

Some advised against users swapping between IMAP and POP, as it
can get confusing. We will probably insist that each user chooses
one method only.

One user reminded me that older versions of qpopper (prior to 2.5)
have security problems, so if you run earlier than this it is
definitely worth upgrading.

Thanks very much for all the comments. I'll be trying the UoW
IMAP server, and if all goes well, I'll transfer the POP server
from qpopper to the IoW one as well.

We'll be using Communicator 4.5 as the Mail Client, and some
suggested that it is the clients which tend to prove to be the
weak links.


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