Summary: RSC - cannot access HELP!!

From: Steve Boronski (
Date: Wed Dec 16 1998 - 06:18:10 CST

A huge thank you to everyone who helped, the solution to my problem was
fairly obvious and if I hadn't been in such a panic I may have thought
it out for myself.

Stop-N worked to get me my console back, however I would suggest to
anyone who is going to use E250's to ensure that the auto-boot? is set
to true BEFORE downing a system controlled via RSC. I have found the rsc
system to be very difficult to re-program once setup, the commands are
very simple but they don't work reliably even if they report success.

Many Thanks

Steve Boronski

The replies were:

I believe that if you turn the power on to any machine while holding
Stop-N on the console, this causes the PROM to reset all variables back
their default values. At the least, this should let you get in with the
console and make your settings again.

        - Chris Drake


It's a shot in the dark, but you can power cycle the e250 and
hold down stop-n (l1-n for old timers) for as long as two minutes
to reset the NVRAM. This might help you. I don't have any
experience with RSC. I'm thinking of an e250 so I'm interested in
your results. If nothing else, e250s are new enough to be under
warranty support!


Brooke King


I believe buried in the docs you can disable by holding down control b or controll n while it boots up, and a terminal connected will take over.

send your contributions to

jim robertori


try resetting nvram (note this may mess with other settings you have done in the past..)

- halt and power down the system - power up the system again - immediately after turning on the power, hold down

the "L1" key and the "n" key simultaneously. - once the banner appears, release the L1 and n keys.

Stuart Wade


Original Question:

Steve Boronski wrote: > > Managers > > I have recently installed Solaris 7 on an E250 along with the RSC > software, and now I cannot access the console OR connect to RSC so I am > shafted > > 1. RSC was fully functional this morning, and I tested most of the > functions, powered down and up, changed the auto-boot? false <<<< this > is significant, from prom ok. probe-scsi-all everything was fine, > powered off and back on connected to the console via rsc typed boot, it > booted. > > 2. I decided to ammend the ip_netmask parameter. After this I could no > longer connect to rcs via telnet or java rcs software. > > 3. So thinks I. Go and re-set everything, so I did an init 5 to power > down whilst walking accrosss the bridge, and when I get there, I cannot > get access to the console or via rsc. > > diag-output-to rsc > > setenv input-device rsc > > setenv output-device rsc > > these were setup as per the rsc manuals > > So to my question. How do I disable RCS console , or how do I get the > system to re-boot having set the auto-boot? false ? > > I will be real impressed if anyone can answer this one. > > Steve Boronski > > Stoke-on-Trent City Council, UK.

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