Summary : / file system full on dump

From: Martin Meadows (
Date: Mon Dec 14 1998 - 11:56:19 CST

Wow. The response to my question was overwhelming! Incredibly, I
received 70 replies! Talk about a storm of support. About 90% of
the responses explained that I was using the wrong device name.

Here's an example of a pretty typical resonse:

>It looks to me like /dev/rst0n might be a regular file and not a device.
>This means that you are backing up your root filesystem into a file
>called /dev/rst0n.
>Try "ls -al /dev/rst0n" and check out the mode of the file. The first
>character in the "mode string" should be "c" or "b" for it to be a device.
>I'm guessing that it's a "-" which means an ordinary file.
>Back when I was running SunOS 4.x, our non-rewinding tapedrives were called
>"/dev/nrst0" and not "/dev/rst0n".

In my case, the above answer explained the problem.

Here's the original question:

> Hi. I have a problem on a Sun Sparcstation 2, running SunOS 4.1.3. I'm
> attempting to perform a level 0 dump to an 8mm tape (exabyte 8500).
> I'm
> using the following command: /usr/etc/dump 0ucf /dev/rst0n /
> I'm getting "file system full" messages on the console. When I started
> the dump I was at 81% capacity in /. I'm now at 109% capacity & the
> dump
> aborted. I see that /dev/rst0n is about 10+ megabytes in size & was
> created
> today. The / file system only has a total of 30.8 megabytes of space
> to
> begin with. I assume that I'm doing something wrong. Can someone
> explain?

Thank you all for the Sun/Unix assistance!
Usually, I try to list the names of those who sent e-mail. This time
there were so many I have to just say thanks to everyone.

Martin Meadows

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