SUMMARY: How to use an ETL without backup s/w.

Date: Mon Dec 14 1998 - 10:47:08 CST

My request was:

>I have an ETL 4/1800 with 2 Quantum DLT7000 drives. As Solstice Backup
>(Legato networker) doesn't seem to be the ultimate solution, could anyone
>point me to the most reliable s/w to pilot this library.
>But for now, is it possible to pilot the library directly from unix ? I
>already use these drives with ufsdump but I would like to now if it's
>possible to insert commands like "load #xxx tape in drive 1" or move tape
>#xxx from BINx to BINy" in a backup script.

>Server: Ultra2 Enterprise 2*250, differential SCSI, Solaris 2.6.
>Library: ETL 4/1800 2*DLT7000.

Answer(s) and thanks:
Ronald Loftin []

Ronald pointed me to this URL:
I have found on this URL a link for a Solaris product:
STCTL gives me an equivalent for the mt command but for the library device
including moves, loads and status.

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