SUMMARY: Solaris 2.6 CDROM Problem

From: Rodney Wines (
Date: Sun Dec 13 1998 - 06:54:11 CST

I got a couple of responses so far, and although neither of them directly
answered my question (I think that both responders gave me more credit than I
deserved), they gave me the clue I needed to fix the problem. Original

>I just installed 2.6 from scratch on a Sparc 20, and applied the latest
>recommended patch bundle. During installation, I selected the "developer"
>option, and basically took the defaults for the packages to install.
>Now, however, the CDROM doesn't automount, ...

The key to the problem is in the "basically" above. I left out volume
management. I added it, and now the CDROM mounts as expected.


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