SUMMARY: cdrom install in text mode w/monitor

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Date: Fri Dec 11 1998 - 13:34:35 CST

On 12/4 I asked the following:

>Sorry to hop in with a relatively unimportant question, but this is just
>driving me up a wall.
>I have a SS10 that I'm trying to teach someone how to install solaris on.
>I want to show them the character based install program that you get if
>you install over ttya. But since this box has a framebuffer and a monitor
>it wants to do the install in OpenWindows.
>What is the option to "boot" to make it go through the text installer? I
>used it a while back but for the life of me I can't remember what it was.
>(BTW -- yep, I checked the Solaris 2 FAQ, the Sun Mgrs FAQ,,
>etc. I'd think this would be a relatively simple question to answer,
>but I guess not. :)

Thanks to the following individuals for taking the time to respond:

Sydney Weinstein
James Coby
Jeff McCombs
Don Varner
Chris Eslinger
Kevin Sheehan
Michael Wang
Mark de Roo
Thomas Anders
Tom Erickson
Michael Salehi
Joseph Kwan
Greg Polanski
Mike van der Velden

The answer I was searching for was "boot cdrom - w." Many people
suggested booting into single-user mode with the -s switch and then
running suninstall or ttyinstall, or unplugging the monitor and/or
keyboard and using a serial console. However, I was only searching for
that darn "w." :) The "w" flag runs a text-based installer (instead of
the OpenWindows installer) over the attached framebuffer and monitor.

Thanks all! :)

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