SUMMARY: Getting out of chooser

From: John Horne (
Date: Fri Dec 11 1998 - 03:15:51 CST

On 04-Dec-98 at 13:00:18 John Horne wrote:
> Does anyone know an easy way of getting back to the X window dtlogin
> screen from the chooser under Solaris 2.6?
> I entered the chooser, but it found no hosts to connect to - why? I
> explicitly configured one of the other Suns to accept connections to it
> (with Xaccess), but the chooser showed nothing. I then couldn't get out
> of the chooser - no 'return to login screen' key (or key combination). In
> the end I had to run '/etc/init.d/dtlogin stop/start' - and occasionally
> that didn't work so '/usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -kill'. Fortunately this was
> on a test system, so I could do what I wanted to it.
Nice and easy summary: I got no replies to this.

> PS - Anyone recommend a good X email client? I know it's been asked
> zillion times before and I am currently looking through the archives and
> dejanews for answers. I use XFMail but that seems to have ground to a
> halt.
One reply to this - thanks Benjamin Cline <> - who suggested
looking at the FAQ. Thanks for this.


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