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Date: Wed Dec 09 1998 - 15:53:22 CST

thanks to Aleksandar , Bryan, Michael.
I will have to checkout cdrecord and implement it.

Orig Question.
I have a Yamaha CD Recoder (SCSI). The Model # is CDR400At-NB.
I need to hook it up on a sun machine (SPARC station ELC), running SunOS
How do I do that.
Please let me know of the steps involved in hooking this Yamaha recorder up
and running on the Sun box.
I should be able to write and read CD's from it.

Replies were as follows.
You'll need some program for burning CDs. I use cdrecord. It works
on Solaris 2.x and fair amount of other versions of UNIX. Don't know
if it supports SunOS 4.x.x.

Check this URL, anyway:


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For writing CDs, have a look at cdrecord: cdrecord.html

Bryan ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------- 1) read the manual - you need to change the block size to 512. Yamaha is the one of a few that let you do this. It has a jumper for this near the SCSI ID jumpers, clearly labeled. 2) Connect the drive and try to read from it as you would from a regular CD.

3) Fetch <> and read. 4) Go to <> you'll want probably cdrecord and mkisofs ( I think cdrecord comes with mkisofs or vice versa ) 5) Read last month article in SysAdmin magazine - I think you can find it on 6) If succesfull - posty the summary :-) Good Luck. Michael Pavlov -------------------------------------------------------------------

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