[SUMMARY] Digitizing Tablets for Solaris

From: foster@bial1.ucsd.edu
Date: Tue Dec 08 1998 - 15:17:20 CST

Original post:

> I'm looking for pointers to a digitizing tablet that is compatible with
> Solaris, specifically Solaris 2.6. We have been using Calcomp's Drawing
> Slate II, but their support ended with Solaris 2.4, and after an upgrade
> to Solaris 2.6 the drivers no longer work.

Got only one response, from Kevin Sheehan, who supplied a pointer to tablet
drivers at:


His full response follows.

I haven't been able to find any digitizing tablets that actually say they will
work with anything later than Solaris 2.4, even using the Sun Solutions CD.
I will keep searching, as modifying/rewriting the driver is beyond the scope
of the time committment I can make for this project.


Response from: u-kevin@megami.veritas.com (Kevin Sheehan - Uniq)

At any rate, the short version is that STREAMS has indeed been a moving
target around 2.4, but that source for a tablet driver is available.

Most of the tablet drivers out there have a common ancestor, the current
incarnation of which seems to live at:


under Driver Sources. If you get SUNWdrvs.tar.Z there is a Wacom tablet
driver, which from (ancient) memory is not too tough to change. Most
tablets out there look like a GTCO/Summagraphics one way or another...

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